Maintenance Service

Valiant Services – Preventive Maintenance Valiant offer the best overall product in terms of technology, performance, quality, and customer support. While each is important, our demonstrated commitment to after-sales support is a primary reason for the continued loyalty of our customers. To provide this level of support, Valiant has assembled the field technical and service professionals in the industry. Others promise good service. Talk to our customers and learn how Valiant consistently delivers on our promise to provide exceptional service. Annual Maintenance Contract is a cost-effective way to protect your weighing instrument investment. You have peace of mind knowing that any problems that occur will be corrected rapidly and without further cost. Weighing instrument training is available as part of select contracts, insuring that operators have access to our growing array of training products. These agreements have the following features and benefits:

  • Three contract levels (Premium, Basic and Priority) to fit every budget and need.
  • Premium contracts include unlimited service visits, parts, free training and a 10% discount on consumable purchases.
  • Cost effective Basic contracts provide Preventive maintenance visit, emergency service and parts at a lower price.
  • Priority service means your problems are solved quickly.

Demand service is available if you elect not to cover your weighing instrument with an Annual Maintenance Contract. The service provided in either case is rapid and of equal quality.We can undertake the Annual maintenance contract of all your weighing equipment irrespective of make or type. If you require an engineer to get in touch with you, please E-mail to or call on +91 99242 01587.