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Turn-key based customize software solution which can be installed/integrated to any new or existing weighbridge and comprises proprietary hardware and web-based software technology.

Key benefits of the software:

  • Eliminates manual record keeping
  • Accurate and fast reporting
  • Centralized report facility
  • Streamline data entry and transactions
  • Improve product management.
  • Provide a secure transactional data record
  • Integrates with your SAP systems
  • Improves mass management and compliance
  • Fast reporting through auto E-mail & SMS
  • Unlimited record can be saved



  1. Desktop based software
  2. Web based software
  3. Unmanned Weighbridge based software
  4. Multi Weighbridge Integration in server
  5. LAN Connectivity
  6. Auto-SMS Facilities
  7. Auto-E-Mail Facilities
  8. ERP Connectivity
  9. SAP Integration
  10. TXT File Generation
  11. XML File Generation

Note: All software can be integrated with your existing systems or customized as per requirement.

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