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Weighbridge Manufacturer Supplier -Valiant Instrument is leading in India. As a result we started with an objective to provide professional weighing solutions. Hence testing, and calibration field to the growth oriented and above all quality conscious industrial segments. Being a leading weighbridge manufacturer supplier, our experts are highly technical oriented in mechanical and software engineering. So we developed high core software in weigh-in-motion. Main aim of the company is not only to provide precise and accurate Weighbridges and services. Similarly to design customized product and software solutions.

Company’s unparalleled quality services are our after Sales Service. In addition we are offering our clients Annual Maintenance contract, Preventive Maintenance Service,  Repair Service, Calibration Services.

Even more Installation and Commissioning, Customer Training, and Application Support is main advantage of our experts. 

Certainly our Spare parts Stocks in weighing accessories makes us stronger in the market. New exploration of weighbridge software will makes us a leading Weighbridge manufacturer and supplier in India and African countries.

Valiant Instrument – Weighbridge Manufacturer Supplier

Finally, Valiant Instrument, take pride as a leading weighbridge manufacturer supplier from India. To provide solutions to improve established quality standards for a range of industries. For instance major industrial sectors such as Metal, Steel, Cement, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Engineering. Also sectors like Packaging, Infrastructure, Cold Storage, Chemical, Power Plant, Polymers, Pharma, Food, and many more. We specialize in providing quality products and services with motto of innovation beyond imagination. Approach of our experts, and sensible pricing policy to develop a loyal customer base throughout India and African Countries.

Pit Type Weighbridge Manufacturer Supplier

Pit Type Weighbridge, Weighbridge Manufacturer Supplier

This kind of weighbridge is most appropriate for spots with restricted space. For example non-bumpy zones where the development of pit is certainly not an expensive undertaking. Since the stage is in level with the ground, vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any course. Most open weighbridges incline toward this structure. The supports and plates utilized are chosen cautiously and experience stringent quality checks according to the industrial standards.

Lesser Space Required (As it has no slopes)

Rickshaws and Tractor Trolleys can likewise be weighed as stage is in flush with ground Level. A truck to be weighed is straight forwardly headed to the stage of a weighbridge.

No Ramp require for truck development since it is introduced in land surface dimension.

Vigorous Load Cells and Digitizers

Most vital segments of an electronic weighbridge are the heap cells and digitizers. The supports and plates utilized in stage are chosen cautiously and experience quality checks according to the industrial standards.

Solid Mounting Assembly For Load Cells

Following most critical segment is the mounting get together for load cells. This exchanges the heap from the stage to the heap cells. Also its a support gathering which is allowed to move in the level. Consequently takes every single side load created, because of the vehicular developments on the stage. Mounting get together comprises of three sections specifically, the Bottom Plate, Rocker get together and Top Bracket.

Low Resistance Cables and Weather Proof Junction Box

Flag from the heap cells is conveyed to digitizes in control room, through 4 center protected link. Link has a low electrical opposition and consequently, no loss of signs.  Links from various load cells, in  weighbridge, meets in climate evidence intersection box. So intersection Box is completely shaped and vital terminal squares for interconnection of load cell out puts. Likewise Junction box conveys lot of flood resistors, to shield the whole framework from lightning and electrical floods.

After Sales Support

Main objective of Company is to accomplish most extreme consumer loyalty by offering quality items at sensible cost. And we are continued by the productive after sales support at our customers’ premises. A team of experts will always ready to maintain, repair any types of weighbridges.

Further, the expert engineers at our dealer’s areas are all around skilled. They are prepared to give high core value services with the all types of weighbridge and its software. We have selected occupant deals builds in international level to give convenient services for the weighbridges and its software.

Main Benefits

Buying a weighbridge can be a better way to accomplish progressively proficient vehicle weighing in your business. Furthermore this playing out the basic routine checks will assist you with maintaining the viability of your weighbridge. Periodical service will maintain long life to machinery in future and stay away from expensive issues.

The advantages of weighbridge cleaning are:

             Enhanced accuracy

             Less specialist mechanic call outs

            Better reliability 

Company gives expert services  including the manufacturing and supply, fix and adjustment of modern weighbridges and its annual services.

Director Message

Our organisation is strongly committed to imbibe and pursue and nurture “quality improvement culture” in the weighing industry.  Ultimate mission is our clients should get value for money instead of compromising the quality available in the market. Valiant Instrument, believe that quality is a very finely defined measured. So we can be improved upon only when measured with least uncertainty. In the years to come, Valiant Instrument would like to leave its gene on any new weighing instrument in the market. I, Alpesh Prajapati thanks all my team and family members for their support to past years. I would like to assure our customers that we will leave no stone unturned in reciprocating your faith and trust with Valiant Instrument. lower_quote